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San Antonio's Official Green Bay Packers Fan Club 


We would like to introduce one of the greatest Packers fans out there, Cesar Valdes. Cesar has been skating for over 12 years but has been a Packers fan since 1996. He remembers watching Super Bowl XXXI with his older brother (a Cowboys fan) who was a huge Brett Favre fan. Growing up a Packers fan surrounded by a family of Cowboy lovers wasn't ideal, but he didn't mind being the odd man out. He remembers having his 7th birthday party all "Packered Out." Cesar's favorite Packers moment was not only watching Super Bowl XLV but being able to experience that victory while enjoying an ice cold beer. The most touching Packers moment Cesar had was watching the Brett Favre Thanksgiving retirement ceremony with his family.

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AlamoCity CHeeseheadS is san Antonio's first green bay packers fan club


ACCH is proud to be San Antonio's Official Green Bay Packers Fan Club. Our goal is to provide a fun and exciting home for all Green Bay Packer fans, in the greater San Antonio area. We are committed to maintaining a family friendly environment where Packer fans can bring their families to watch Green Bay Packer football and where they can also experience Packer traditions. We are determined to grow our Packer Nation so we welcome and encourage family participation to help increase camaraderie. ACCH is not only a seasonal organization, we are a year round social fan club family.